Silver Sail Capital | 200 South Barrington Avenue, # 286 Los Angeles, CA 90049

Investment Criteria

Silver Sail Capital is actively pursuing investment opportunities in lower middle market companies where our support will help these businesses grow and become more valuable over time. We are seeking investments where our financial, strategic, and operational experience lends value to management. Additionally, we can provide funding that can be used for working capital, capital expenditures or other capital intensive projects that demonstrate high returns on investment for all. We approach investments with a creative and flexible lens, allowing for structures that meet the objectives of all parties.

Size & Geography

• Revenue: $5 to $75mm
• EBITDA: $1 to $10mm
• Enterprise Value: $10 – $75 million
• North America


• Industry generalists
• Areas of interest:
➢ Business and financial services
➢ Consumer and food
➢ Industrials

Business Criteria

• Stable performance
• Positive cash flows
• Strong management team
• Proven business model
• Strong or growing markets